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Great post by Erez

Web Development Insights

1. It is open source

Open source projects are just inherently awesome.
Get a strange error that does not include a code line of yours? Want to know how things really work from behind? Want to improve your programming skills?
All of these may be achieved by just going through the source code on Github.
I know – it is just awesome.
Open source comes with a responsibility though: if something breaks down there’s no one to complain to, you must dig inside and handle it yourself.

2. Its fluid code

RoR is well-known for its idiomatic code style, which I sometimes call “English with underscores instead of spaces”.
This is thanks to the Ruby language itself, which the platform relies on, and to the RoR infrastructure which produced a great platform to work with.
When you develop with RoR you can achieve such levels of code-readability,
that you can just…

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