Sygen is hiring!

We are looking for passionate engineers (Frontend and Backend) with
deep understanding on testability, architecture, scalability, startup
experience,  familiar and excited from the lean startup movement.

We believe in Agile and lean startup movement

We care about test driven development and continues deployment.

You will take part of a small team to develop a revolutionary
application which will maximize our customers financial potential.

  • If you care about design
  • If you have strong knowledge of web and distributed computing,
  • If you are self motivated , fast learner
  • If you are familiar with RoR or similar framework (Django, GWT),
  • If you are excited from building a project from scratch,
  • If you are a team player, and want to create a really exiting product for our customers

Please introduce yourself, confidentiality is guaranteed!!!

More details –
Environment  – Linux, JVM
Languages: Java, Ruby, Scala
Frameworks: RoR
Libraries: Guice, Google Guava, Perf4j, ASM, Rack, jQuery, Mocha
Persistence: Hibernate, MySQL, Amazon S3, Active Record
RPC: Protobuf, JSON, JsonMarshaller, HTTP
Tests: Hudson, JUnit, Lighthouse, Selenium, RSpec
Principles: REST, DRY, TDD

send your details to:

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