Oh my god! where all my digits went?

Case 1: decimals
You are troubled to find out that some of your precision is lost…

1. First place to look is whether you are using the correct number class.

2. next place to look is db column definition
decimal 10,4 for instance, will support 6 digits number with 4 digits after the decimal point.
Don’t get too depressed, you can easily migrate your column to support more digit numbers:

class ExpandDecimals < ActiveRecord::Migration
def self.up
change_column :[table], :[column], :decimal, :precision => 12, :scale => 2

def self.down
change_column :[table], :[column], :decimal, :precision => 10, :scale => 4

Case 2: blob
You are using a table column to store data blob and it’s too short to contain all data?

Migration can be something like:

class ExpandLongtext < ActiveRecord::Migration
def self.up
change_column :[table], :[column], :text, :limit => 16777215

def self.down
change_column :[table], :[column], :string, :limit => 255


Migration is very easy and makes your life easy.

Use it.


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